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Stamper No.15 Supersizer

Stamper No.15 Supersizer

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The new world of stamping! Do you have too small or too long nails? Did you imagine the selected pattern in a different size? Reduce or enlarge the patterns of any stamping plate with the help of our size-changing Supersizer stamper! With the movable stamper head, it doesn’t matter how long or how wide your nails are, as you can resize your favorite pattern as you wish! The transparent stamper head helps proper positioning. For easier execution, use the slow-drying Moyra Smart Polish for Stamping with the Supersizer stamper!

Nail polish remover and plate cleaner will matte the silicone head and the clear part of the plastic handle, so they need to be kept away from such materials! Use lint roller or alcohol for cleaning the head. Be careful with the stamper head, do not take it out from the handle only when it is unavoidable. Keep away from the reach of children!

Stamper Head sizes: 3.5 cm

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