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Onyx - Salon Set Acrylic Powder Cover Glitter #2 40gm

Onyx - Salon Set Acrylic Powder Cover Glitter #2 40gm

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Cover Glitter #2 of 3.  A beautiful subtle glitter has been added into one of our cover range of powders. This product is amazing to work with, very elegant for a bridal set.

 Salon set is perfect for the beginner technician, this product will not let you down, it is easy to file. Combined with the Salon Set monomer liquid, you are bound for success. 

Onyx Acrylic System ... This system is Australian owned and Blended, HEMA Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free. Viv Simmonds with the help of Samantha Goddard tried and tested then blended to create 2 Acrylic Systems - 'Salon Set' which was designed for salons and students and the 'Rapid Set' designed for competitors or those that prefer a faster setting system.


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