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Moyra Ice Clear Stamping 8

Moyra Ice Clear Stamping 8

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Achieving precise positioning, symmetrical designs, and double stamping is effortless with Moyra's clear-headed stampers. The Moyra Ice Clear stamper features a transparent handle that allows you to easily identify where to place the design with accuracy. Complete with a protective cap for the delicate silicone head, this stamper ensures longevity and usability.

Before the first use, there's no need to prep the stamper head. For maintenance, simply clean it with a lint roller or a 2:1 Cleaner solution to preserve clarity and prevent blurring over time. Avoid using acetone or other nail polish removers, as they may affect the clarity of the head. Additionally, take care to keep the stamper away from acetone or nail polish remover to prevent damage to the handle.

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