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Moyra Fusion Acrylgel White 5gm

Moyra Fusion Acrylgel White 5gm

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The Moyra Fusion Acrylgel features the best characteristics of both acrylic and gel system. It is stronger than gel, and more flexible than acrylics. Due to its very thick consistency, it does not flow, can be shaped for as long as necessary, it is odourless and pinchable.

  • 5gm


Prepare the nails as usual. Apply base gel in thin layer and cure it. Place the desired amount of Fusion Acrylgel on the nail and shape it with a wet brush. We recommend Moyra cleanser to wet the brush. Cure it for 2 minutes in UV lamp or 90 seconds in LED lamp. Cleanse it before filing it to shape.

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