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Duo Clear Stamper

Duo Clear Stamper

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Achieving flawless placement of tiny details on your nails has never been simpler with the Moyra Duo-Clear transparent stamper! Its crystal-clear stamper head and body enable precise positioning by allowing you to see through the handle, ensuring accuracy without casting any shadows on the stamping surface. Equipped with two stamper heads, it excels at capturing even the most intricate designs. Plus, its practical caps shield the heads from damage and debris.

Before its initial use, the stamper head requires no preparation. For maintenance, it's best to clean it using a lint roller or a 2:1 Cleaner solution to avoid blurring. Avoid using acetone or other nail polish removers, as they can distort the head. Additionally, take care to prevent the handle from coming into contact with acetone or nail polish remover, as they may cause damage. Keep this stamper away from such substances to preserve its longevity.

Stamper Head Sizes: 1.6 cm / 2.3 cm

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