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3pce Diamond E-fie Manicure Kit

3pce Diamond E-fie Manicure Kit

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I have put together this 3 piece diamond bit set as the ultimate kit for a dry manicure.


1 x small medium grit prepping bit to assist in removing cuticle from the surface of the nail while pushing back the proximal nail fold.


1 x small medium grit cone shaped bit to assist in releasing the pterygium from around the side walls and the cuticle area.


1 x medium ball bit to smoothen the skin around the nail.


With the correct training on the use of these e-file bits you will achieve a polished look that will add to the finished look of any manicure.

Learning this gentle technique will optimise your nail work.


Made in Switzerland each bit is made with precision and to high quality standards.


For more education and training please visit our training page for the e-file course.

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