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OPTIONS® - Aurora Emerald 4gm

OPTIONS® - Aurora Emerald 4gm

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Aurora Gels are inspired by the twinkling and vibrant Northern Lights - the Aurora borealis.
Packed with a multitude of sizes of glitters - Aurora gels offer a glamorous and luscious effect, and can be used on their own or layered over other colours for a customized look. A sophisticated take on glitter, Aurora gels feature a clear, self-leveling base to ensure flat and even coverage.

Aurora Emerald - A bright emerald green glitter gel

  • 100% Odour free
  • 100% Pure Gel
  • Solvent and 3 Free
  • Made in Canada from the highest grade of USA and European sourced ingredients.
  • Can be easily soaked off
  • Traditional jar format
  • Extremely pigmented (thin colour applications
  • A thicker gel consistency for maximum control
  • Will not damage natural nails with correct application

Odourless: Healthier for you and your environment
Natural: Leaves your nails looking and feeling natural
Durable: Made from innovative materials to offer superior strength
Diverse: Wide range of colours and products to suit your needs.

30s LED/2m UV

4g/0.14oz size 

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